has been acquired by Stelivo, LLC, a US-based company with a lot of experience in creating and maintaining chat sites.

We don't want to take a site that you enjoy away from you or go changing things up really drastically without consideration for how you're used to things being. Our primary focus is on replacing the Flash-based chat with something more compatible, rather than on changing policies or replacing people; the same moderators you rely on are invited to stay with us and run things pretty much as normal. We hope all of you here will stay with us for the foreseeable future.

About the Chat

We've been developing our chat product, StelivoChat, for the past couple of years, and we've reached the point where we're ready to share it with as many websites as possible.

Using only HTML5 (including JavaScript, CSS, WebSockets, and WebRTC) for the chat client software, it runs on just about anything that can run a web browser.
It's real-time, unlike a lot of browser-based chats in the past have been.
It supports image uploads and webcams.
It comes with several user-selectable themes.
It does all of this without requiring a single third-party plugin.

On the back end, it's IRC, very similar to what you're used to, but using a custom implementation of a different IRCD. At this time, I can't make any guarantees about compatibility with your existing IRC clients and the scripts that you use, but we will do our best to make that happen to whatever degree is possible. It is still IRC, so I can say that compatibility is certainly possible, but it is possible that allowing connections from other IRC clients may be insecure or otherwise not technically feasible.

We anticipate that all the forthcoming changes will constitute a net positive and make UKChatters a better place to chat. We hope the new chat software will be launched on the 16th of October (this month). Stay tuned!