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Are you a newcomer to the online world? Here at UKChatters we have decided to help you understand the abbreviations and acronyms used day to day.

Your very own abbreviations and acronyms dictionary that will help you understand the abbreviations used on our services. With this, you will be able to use them yourself with the understanding of each one.

We will make sure that we keep it updated as new ones are always popping up. If you see one that we've not added, please do inform us so we can correct this!

This is the generic list we have at the moment that people use to communicate with each other in our chat services. You will find these used in mobile phone texts too!

Acronyms usually start off with somebody making a word shorter by using the letters, which will spread with more conversation and users. 

Eventually members will use the abbreviation instead of the full words, thus leading to the generic list below. 


LOL – Laugh Out Loud BRB -  Be Right Back  HB  – Hurry Back  LMAO  – Laugh My A”" Off

PMSL  P*** Myself Laughing  TY – Thank You  OMG – Oh My God  TC – Take Care

DM – Dosen’t Matter  AFK – Away From Keyboard  BBL – Be Back Later  BAY – Back At Ya

BBN – Bye Bye Now  BC – Because  BBT – Be Back Tommorow  BD – Big Deal

ASL – Age Sex Location  AKA – Also Known As  ASAP – As Soon As Possible  B4 – Before

CUS – See You Soon  FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions  JMO – Just My Opinion

MSG – Message  P2P – Person To Person  OTOH – On The Other Hand

ROFL – Roll On Floor Laughing J/K – Just Kidding  IAE – In Any Event

AAMOF – As A Matter Of Fact  ABL – A Big Fat Lady  AFAYC – As Far As Your Concerned

DQMOT – Don’t Quote Me On This  DND – Do Not Disturb  DTRT – Do The Right Thing

EAK – Eating At Keyboard EOL – End Of Lecture  EOS – End Of Story

FTF – Face To Face  G2B – Going To Bed  H&K – Hug And Kiss  IDC – I Don’t Care

HOF - Hall of fame (For trivia users) BBIAB - Be back in a bit BBS - Be back soon


These acronyms are the most popular ones used in chat rooms and will help you to understand chat slang. 

If you don't see an abbreviation or acronym that you see often in our chat rooms, please inform us so we can add them!


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