Mobile Chatting Has Never Been Easier

Internet chat today most commonly uses either IRC clients, or Java or Flash plugins. Of these options, all are either outdated, low-performance, unnecessarily complicated, insecure, not compatible with mobile devices, or sometimes even all of the above at the same time.

There are many problems with established chats on the web today:

  • Java and Flash are full of widely-known exploits.
  • Java and Flash will not run on most mobile devices.
  • Mobile support for many chats requires a separate app, which may cost money
  • Many mobile chat apps may perform poorly (not real-time)
  • Many mobile chat apps do not offer all features that the desktop chat client offers.

The Internet has gone through some big changes in recent years, with most people owning Internet-capable mobile devices, and that becoming many peoples' primary means of accessing web content. We realized that this meant, in the chat rooms game, many users were being excluded if they couldn't be at their home desktop computers, or didn't own one in the first place!

But our new chat is different!

  • No Java, no Flash, no third-party plugins whatsoever.
  • Based on standardized web technologies, so exploits are infintesimally rare and quickly resolved.
  • Compatible with any device capable of running a modern web browser.
  • Full feature set found on desktop is available on mobile devices as well.

Not only did we focus on bringing mobile users into the fold, with the full feature-set that desktop users get, but we added features for everyone: Notifications on desktops and smartphones keep you apprised of events concerning you, in-chat image uploading lets you share memes and selfies either privately or in public, highlights so you know at a glance or audibly when you are being addressed, and webcam and microphone support for a more immersive experience. Compatible devices even support vibration when a highlight event is triggered.

New features for all:

  • Notifications
  • Image uploads
  • Highlights (with vibration where supported)
  • Webcam and microphone

We've laid the foundations for a great online chat community here. Join us, meet people, make new friends, make connections in your local area!

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Free UK Chat Rooms for Adults

Now, our UK Chat rooms are video and audio compatible -- you can see and hear your peers! You don't need a webcam to cam chat; you can simply watch and listen to other people. Our adult chat rooms are a great place to pass the time and make new friends. With UK Chat under new ownership, we've added new chat room software which is compatible with today's browsers and most mobile devices, meaning more people than ever can use our chat rooms. We've added some new chat rooms to the list to suit everyone. We know you'll be entertained once you log in and chat. 18+ only!


Mobile Chatting Has Never Been Easier

Old chat sites run on Flash or Java, and service desktop computers only. UK Chat is based on new, mobile compatible chat software that runs on just about anything. Not only does this mean you can chat on your iPhone or Android device with our mobile chat, but desktop and mobile users connect using the same software, to the same servers. You'll have more people to chat with, whether you're at home at your desk, in bed with your phone, or out and about. Connect with more people than ever, on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, with our new mobile chat software.


Great New Features and Things To Come

The new management of UK Chat are focused on the future -- we're looking forward, not backward. We don't keep to the trend that many chat sites do; we seek not to look to the past and reproduce its function and aesthetics, but to look forward, ahead of the curve, by providing more broadly compatible chat services to more people on more devices. We hope to expand the user base and make our chat rooms and social network busier so that you can make more friends. You can do more than ever with our new adult chat and its many features, so login now, for free, and explore.