Free UK Chat Rooms for Adults

Welcome to the all new UK Chat! You've come to the right place to meet people from all around the UK and especially in your local area. UK Chat has evolved into a fun adult chat community of friendly people looking to socialize on the website and in our entertaining chat rooms. Our website and chat rooms of course are and will always remain 100% free. You will never have to pay a penny or even register to use our free chat rooms. For the first time, people can enjoy our free chat without having to jump through the hoops of registration. This means you can jump straight into the action anonymously and quickly! Whether you're near the castles of Wales, in the highlands of Scotland, across the sea in Northern Ireland or in England, there is a place for you and people waiting to make your acquaintance here in our UK Chat rooms.

To people who have been long time users of our UK Chat rooms, the first thing you may have noticed is the change in chat room software. It's simple, but feature-rich, to the point, and has everything one might need or want. Firstly, it doesn't require any third party software to work, eliminating the need for unsafe programs like Flash and Java to be on your computer. Second, it's fully mobile compatible. You can chat anywhere, anytime; whether you're at home on wifi or on the go using mobile data, our chat rooms have never been more accessible. You can upload images directly into the chat software, personalize your experience by changing the font, size, and theme, and have access to some really helpful privacy settings, like blocking PMs from certain people based on their gender, whether they are registered, or whether they are on your friends list. One of the biggest perks is the ability to use your webcam and microphone. That's right -- UK Chat is now a video chat room!

It's simple to enable your webcam and microphone to let users see and hear you. It works on most desktop browsers, as well as Android phones, with iPhone support coming soon. You do not need a webcam or mic to see or hear your friends, so don't be put off if you don't have one or you don't want to use it -- nobody has to! We've added some new chat rooms to the list to suit all of our users' fancy. When you get into the chat rooms, click the rooms list to see what's on offer. The rules are far more relaxed now than they used to be; moderators will not ban you for silly minor offenses that used to be a big problem on this website, but not anymore.

There are many things to do on the website besides chatting in the free chat rooms. Share Point is a global feed where you can see images posted, posts made and videos uploaded. The forums are just traditional message boards with predefined categories. You can make a profile, which other users can get to via the chat rooms. Uploads pics, enter some information about yourself, and more. It's a great way to get more involved in the community and express yourself!

So without delay, start chatting today!

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Free UK Chat Rooms for Adults

Now, our UK Chat rooms are video and audio compatible -- you can see and hear your peers! You don't need a webcam to cam chat; you can simply watch and listen to other people. Our adult chat rooms are a great place to pass the time and make new friends. With UK Chat under new ownership, we've added new chat room software which is compatible with today's browsers and most mobile devices, meaning more people than ever can use our chat rooms. We've added some new chat rooms to the list to suit everyone. We know you'll be entertained once you log in and chat. 18+ only!


Mobile Chatting Has Never Been Easier

Old chat sites run on Flash or Java, and service desktop computers only. UK Chat is based on new, mobile compatible chat software that runs on just about anything. Not only does this mean you can chat on your iPhone or Android device with our mobile chat, but desktop and mobile users connect using the same software, to the same servers. You'll have more people to chat with, whether you're at home at your desk, in bed with your phone, or out and about. Connect with more people than ever, on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, with our new mobile chat software.


Great New Features and Things To Come

The new management of UK Chat are focused on the future -- we're looking forward, not backward. We don't keep to the trend that many chat sites do; we seek not to look to the past and reproduce its function and aesthetics, but to look forward, ahead of the curve, by providing more broadly compatible chat services to more people on more devices. We hope to expand the user base and make our chat rooms and social network busier so that you can make more friends. You can do more than ever with our new adult chat and its many features, so login now, for free, and explore.